There are three R's in Oliver


The company revenue stream is resistant to market or economic vagaries. This means the company stabilizes its earnings through sharing, spreading or mitigation of risk.


The revenue stream must be both dependable and consistent. This means the company shows steady, long-term growth and has fared well in diverse economic environments.


The revenue stream benefits from repeat sales to the same customer base.
Subscription-based models (such as cable or cellular providers) have recurring revenue.


In today’s investment climate, generating a consistent return is a remarkable feat. Yet, that is precisely what Oliver Capital Partners continues to do. Under the careful guidance of founder Margot Micallef, Oliver has evolved into a major financial concern, garnering industry-leading returns for its investors. All while remaining true to Oliver’s core mission as a mergers and acquisitions advisory and corporate services provider to public and private companies.

From its inception in 2003, Oliver has strategically coordinated a series of initiatives that earned exceptional returns. Oliver identifies potential beyond the big picture, looking deeper into each opportunity to find untapped ways to cultivate and sustain long-term revenue for investors and investees alike.

Our Team

Margot M. Micallef

Margot M. Micallef


Margot M. Micallef, Q.C. is the President of Oliver Capital Partners, a company she founded in 2003 to invest in private companies looking for expansion capital or an outright sale.

Jackie Altwasser

Jackie Altwasser


Jackie brings over 20 of years progressive experience in finance, accounting and management to Oliver. Formerly Vice-President (Finance), Shaw Communications Inc., Jackie became an in-depth consultant to Venture-listed and larger privately-held companies in need of short-term and ongoing accounting/financing solutions.

Christopher Fenn

Christopher Fenn

Managing Director & VP Operations

Christopher Fenn is the Managing Director of Oliver Capital Partners. In this role Chris oversees all of OCPs investments and, together with the Founder & President, decides on future investments and direction. Chris also serves or has served in an operating role for a number of Oliver’s portfolio companies.

Oliver. With a Tiwst

Following extensive research, Oliver has identified the need for a preferred fixed-return investment instrument offering lower risk and a higher rate of return for investors nearing retirement age. Most commercial investment opportunties require a significant time period to generate a sufficient return for individuals who need to see income sooner, rather than later.

Oliver is also aware that mid-market companies need access to permanent capital without stifling their operational agility or surrendering control. These companies provide goods and services to Canadians, as well as creating employment.

In response, Oliver has created a proprietary high-yield, fixed income instrument that will meet the needs of both investor and investee.

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